Milling & Turning

CNC Turning

CNC Lathe 1: Max Dia 240mm, Max Length 400mm   CNC Lathe 2: Max Dia 280mm, Max Length 500mm       CNC Milling CNC Mill 2: Table capacity  XYZ 580mmx400mmx300mm CNC Mill 2: Table capacity  XYZ 1016mmx508mmx457mm Complex CNC Milled & Turned parts can be easily produced to a high level of accuracy along with a fast turnaround. Batches from 1 0ff to 1000`s are possible. In order to keep machine cycle times to a minimum, we utilise the latest Cad Cam (AlphaCam) software to program machines. This allows programs to be simulated in real time on a PC and any alterations & adjustments made prior to a job going into production. .
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